Czechs want strict control of the alcohol market

The public blames mainly state bodies, both the politicians and supervisory bodies, for the vast alcohol black market. The strengthening of regulation adopted during the last year enjoys the support of 96,3 % of the Czechs and only 1,7 % would vote for a party proposing softening the current alcohol regulation laws.

The survey identified risky consumer behavior of some 4 % of the people who are not ready to pay for high quality and safe alcohol and seek for cheaper options. On top of that, one third of hard drinkers admit that even after the methanol case they do not pay more attention to the brand and producer of the alcohol they drink.

TZ 140912 Alkohol 2014 final

Jan Herzmann’s comments on the survey were broadcasted at Ekonomika ČT24 on Friday, Septeber 12, 2014, see

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