We have got extensive experiencein strategic marketing, branding, marketing communication as well as customer and trade marketing. We offer market analysis and identification of market niches/opportunities, target group definitions, consulting for marketing plans and concepts preparation, participation in management of marketing processes and co-operation during their implementation.
We took part in the development of a new marketing and sales strategy of the Home Care division of Bochemie as well as in the process of positioning modification of PTP Coating products.

Marketing research

We specialize in marketing research process management and research results implementation in corporate practice. We help our clients during the research concept creation, choice of research methods and tools, agency selection and briefing as well as during the results interpretation. We can also offer a complex audit of market research system of individual companies as well as their marketing information usage, storage and retrieval.
Among the most extensive projects in this area in which we participated we may mention the audit of marketing research system in Česká spořitelna and České dráhy or a proposal of a complex marketing research project for Forecasting Dinner.

Communication & PR

We offer marketing communication and PR support, especially consulting for target groups definition and specification of messages to be sent. We have got extensive experience in the usage of marketing research for communication purposes. At the same time, we can link marketing research and public relations on one hand by testing verbal as well as non-verbal communication content, on the other hand by preparation of creative press releases and organizing motivating press conferences and media briefings on market and opinion research results.

Crisis communication

For our clients, we can prepare crisis communication plans, organize crisis communication trainings and also provide support in cases of real crisis. In hot moments, we are able to calm the situation down and help the client to find the righ communication mood.

Political marketing

We analyze the behavior of political bodies as well as that of the electorate and we specialize in efficient implementation of opinion research in political marketing. Based on such analyses, we can
Design or evaluate concepts and strategies of political marketing. At present, we prefer the role of an independent analyst who offers its services to any party. For the future, we do not exclude possible exclusive participation in election campaigns of some of the parties, movements or individual candidates.
Our flagship in the area of political marketing is the monthly Český volič study which aims at synthesis of the results provided by several polling agencies.

Public opinion

We are not a polling agency, we do not conduct surveys. Instead, we provide complex analyses of the public opinion status and tendencies and study the role of public opinion in the society. Nevertheless, we can advice our clients in poll concept preparations and research brief design, we can help to find the proper research methods as well as choice of the research agency. We can also participate in the results interpretation. At the same time, we provide comparative and secondary analyses of polls and surveys and mainly synthesis of information which was produced in different, originally uncoordinated surveys.

Project management

for our clients, we can evaluate the level of project management in their companies and set up processes and methods based on well-proven PMI standards. If seek for interim project managers or you need your projects to be managed externally, our consultants are fully at your disposal. We can recommend you specialists who have collected a lot of experience in managing large transformation and change processes.
Our experts took part in the set-up of the project management office in Unipetrol or created a complex of tools for marketing research process management in Česká spořitelna.

Process management

Using Lean Six Sigma optimization approach as well as other analytical tools, we can identify weaknesses in your processes, measure their performance, analyze possible reasons of imperfectness, suggest possible improvements and design checking mechanisms for continupou process improvements. We share deep knowledge in creation of process-oriented centers of shared services in HR, sales, IT etc.
The largest projects in which our experts took part were the set-up of a Shared Services Center in Unipetrol Group and in Spolchemie.

Sales management

Designing tools of efficient sales management ranks among our key competences. We deal with sales force effectiveness, sales reporting, career and motivation of the sales team, network coverage, quality measurement at the points of sales etc. In the FMCG segment, we can design the structure of the sales team and key account management processes.

Re-structuring and company transforming

Do you face re-structuring or you need to transform your company? We are ready to help. Together with you, we will prepare due diligence of the present situation, after a discussion we will design corrective measures and help to define an implementation plan. To be sure that the transformation was successful, evaluation after some time is necessary and correction may be needed.
We are ready to help you in complex transforming of your company beginning from corporate governance through definition of the sales and marketing strategy, set-up of supporting processes up to financial stabilization of your company.
We collected our experience in this area in Factory Pro, Unipetrol, Spolchemie or Česká pojišťovna. We also took part in transforming Factum Invenio and its integration in ppm factum group.

Staff training

In each and every area of our competences, we are ready to provide also staff training. In doing that, we make use of many years of experience in lecturing as well as of case studies, provided our clients allowed us to make them public. In all the trainings we make use of active participation and practicing.