Eva Tulachová, born Herzmannová

Eva Tulachová

I am an expert in trade marketing and communication between brands and their target groups. I live mainly in the FMCG and retail world and in our family business I am responsible mainly for sales support and product communication projects.

I started my professional career in 2005 at the financial division of Accenture and I still participate in some controlling projects. Rather soon, marketing became my key competence. I started working in Bolton Czechia, in 2006 to 2007 I participated mainly in positioning of Rio Mare and Monini brands in the Czech market. The most important part of my experience comes from Unilever where I have participated in the Rama brand, the market leader support since 2008. Nowadays, I work as an analyst and consultant mainly for the Unilever middle management.

I studied an Italian gymnasium and graduated in sports management from the Faculty of Physical Training and Sports of the Charles University. I also passed several trainings specialized in marketing and sales support.

Like my brother, I do a lot of sports, mainly cycling, badminton, squash, skiing, canoeing and rafting. I use to assist in many sports courses for children and youth including a children summer camp. I like reading and if my duties of a mother of two daughters allow, I like attending concerts and theatre.

Mgr. Eva Tulachová