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We have got a lot of experience in marketing and marketing communication. We are familiar with political marketing and clever crisis communication. We are acquainted with re-structuring, process optimization as well as sales activities setting. Try us out. You will be happy to come back.

Jan Herzmann

Attitudes of financial experts

During the Forecasting Dinner 2017, we presented results of a survey on attitudes of financial experts conducted in close cooperation with Donath Business & Media. The key results showed that the experts are not able to forecast either the date […]

Advertisement perception

In the past, the Herzmann team helped to develop the project Czechs and the advertisement, organized by the Czech Marketing Association. In 2017, the results of this project showed declining numbers of people who show positive perception of the advertisement. […]

HappyFeed project support

The consulting support of the mobile communication project HappyFeed goes on. In 2016, we spent a lot of time assisting the development of analytical tools integrated in the HappyFeed system, present activities are much more networking oriented. HappyFeed starts be […]

Modified timetable of the Czech Voter

So that our clients can use the September issue of the Czech Voter for the final regional and Senate election campaign, this study will be distributed already on September 28 in the evening. For technical reasons, the October issue will […]

Czech Voter also in English

Starting from the June report, the Czech Voter analysis is available also in English. This move will make it easier to use Czech Voter studies for those who may be limited by presenting all the analyses in Czech only. Jan […]

Herzmann s.r.o. presentation

In the end of February we presented the services of Herzmann company in a meeting of entrepreneurs and managers, held in Aquapalace Hotel Čestlice. The participants were interested both in the Czech voter project which appeals mainly to the political […]

Forecasting Dinner Presentation

On February 16, 2016 we had the pleasure to present results of a special survey covering financial experts to the auditorium of Forecasting Dinner 2016. In close cooperation with Donath Business and Media, we provided data on assessment of the […]

Market research implementation courses

In 2016, Herzmann s.r.o. starts offering tailor-made market research implementation courses. The program aims at any type of companies incl. SMEs as well as institutions and non-profit organizations. The course covers marketing information systems in companies and institutions, market research […]

Polls on regional election

It seems highly probable that the 2016 regional election will be attended only by those who are already decided to vote. In all regions, there is a strong tendency to support local political bodies. Even if majority likely voters aim […]

A step into the mobile marketing world

Herzmann become a consultant to the Adveri agency developing and merchandising the mobile marketing application HappyFeed. The application supports creation and functioning of mobile communication based communities and replaces club cards. It offers a platform for one-to-one marketing and supports […]