Regional election forecast

Herzmann company issued a forecast of potential outcome of the regional election, planned for October 2020. The conclusions are based on an analysis of historic data covering results of different types of elections since 2013. This publicly available study contains separate regional forecasts of the turnout as well as share of votes for all parliamentary parties in each of the regions. According to this forecast, mainly the ANO 2011 movement should remarkably succeed in this election. The ODS party should confirm its strong position and Pirates as well as SPD should get better results than in the past regional election. Slightly weaker position could be expected in the case of KSČM and KDU-ČSL, substantially weaker in case of ČSSD. Uncertain outcome forecasts the analysis for both TOP 09 and STAN as, in the time of preparation of this forecast, it was not clear in what regional coalitions these two subjects will participate.

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