Czech voter – this year´s last issue

For the last time in 2013, Herzmann company issued its regular study Czech voter. The analysis of the latest data of different polling agencies shows that exceptional election and its results have not changed the opinions substantially. To remind late president Havel, bad mood continues to prevail.

The economic situation is perceived as bad even if a bit less people share this opinion. Like in the older surveys, the Czech general economic situation is seen more critically than the individual household´s standard of living. High level of mistrust in national political bodies continues. Rusnok´s government was not able to reach such degree of trust as the previous non-political governments. Nowadays, the president also ranks among rather mistrusted institutions. The only trusted political bodies are the mayors and the local governments who are trusted by nearly two thirds of the public. Having in mind low level of support for the national political bodies, this could generate relatively high turnout in the local election planned for Autumn 2014.Higher level of trust compared to national political bodies enjoy non-political institutions, only the Czech National Bank scores worse.

All the parties who passed for the Lower chamber would succeed again, no other would pass the 5 % threshold. The leading position has now ANO 2011 followed by CSSD. The results of different polling agencies show only small differences.

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