Survey: opinion of economists and financial experts

Majority of the interviewed experts feel that the CNB did not support economic growth when it intervened against the koruna in 2013. They are highly critical when assessing the ability of the government to implement anti-corruption measures. The government was also criticized as to the new VAT setting which is, in the opinion of the survey participants, not appropriate for the Czech economy.

The respondent consider Russian investments in the CEE rather a thread whereas the Chinese investments are mostly seen as an opportunity. Czech government should support both types of investments but only in selected areas and industries. Values of democracy and civil rights should be a clear priority of the Czech foreign policy, economic interests are prioritized by just some one third of the experts.

The survey among economists and financial experts active in the Czech Republic was conducted for the CFA Society by Herzmann s.r.o. and the DBM agency. Key question covered efficiency of the intervention policy of the CNB, economic policy of the government and opinion on Russian and Chinese investments.


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